Sunday, January 25, 2015

Welcome to my cave

Image from Google images

Last Saturday son No 1 Leah Fusco and I attended a talk by the artist John Virtue and the art historian and broadcaster Andrew Graham Dixon at the Towner Gallery Eastbourne.
It was an interesting experience listening to John Virtue talk about his work and soak up some of his immense energy while surrounded by his huge tumultuous canvases.
During a question and answer session after the talk somebody asked a long winded question about the integrity of artists work today compared to cave paintings of prehistory. Who, they asked, are todays artists painting or creating for? Themselves? critics praise? or commercial success?

Andrew Graham Dixon suggested that when looking at Johns paintings you are within his cave...
John Virtue, The Sea, No 4, 2011-2013

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

We Folk

meant to start the new year as we intended to continue, but it soon disintegrated as evil liqueur took hold.

Now we have recovered our decorum we have decided to have a  SALE.

But we are not anticipating a stampede, no pushing, shoving or overnight camping,

Perhaps just a discreet enquiry for a pair of Alpaca socks, a hand knitted bobble hat or a lambs wool throw from Ireland.
We have taken 10% off, actually more... the remaining Leeds Pottery.... ( so tempted to keep it all myself now it's discontinued ) and are searching the hidden depths of FOLK HQ for any overlooked goods.

Love the weird Ouija woman in the middle...

Happy New Year!


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