Monday, March 31, 2014

April Fool

Photograph of snowdrops from Monty Dons Gardening at Long Meadow

It all started with an invitation to visit Alice in Stone 
"Come and see the snowdrops before they disappear she enthused"
After strolling around her beautiful garden I decided enough was enough, time to tackle the shipping container, rubble, and general debris that passes for a garden at Folk HQ.
I attacked this task with an unleashed fervour.
After three days in intensive care and from the comfort of my hospital bed I realised the task needed a little more than unbridled enthusiasm  ( perhaps a man with a digger, or a small boy desperate for pocket money )

Perfect bedtime reading, Monty Don Gardening at Long Meadow

I am not sure whether I am more interested in Monty Don's clothes or the plants...

Needless to say we FOLK will sadly not be exhibiting at the Selvedge Spring Fair this April but will be gathering our strength for an appearance at Port Eliot this summer along with our friends at Ancient Industries who will be giving a talk.
The theme of this years event is strangely  The Garden...
More of this later but in the meantime do not forget to visit Great Dixters' Spring Plant Fair this weekend.


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