Sunday, November 17, 2013

Remember Remember the 5th of November

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and the 9th,11th and luckily for us most weekends in November, as the Bonfire Societys of East and West Sussex dress up, bang drums, light fires, and generally have a marvellous bawdy time.
The origins of the festivities hark back to a pre Christian time and the winter festival of Samhain.
To find out more about the history of these amazing rituals look at the Museum of British Folklore

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For we FOLK it marks the beginning of Winter. The weather turns colder the trees have nearly lost all their leaves and we start to plan our presence at the Christmas fairs we will be attending this season.

We begin with the wonderful location of Great Dixter, where we will be gathering some of our favourite artisans to join us in the Yeomans Hall.

Then the following weekend we will be in London, at Chelsea Town Hall to take part in Selvedge magazines Winter Fair

See you there....


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