Saturday, September 28, 2013

The Hunting Season Is Upon Us

photo from old tear sheet photographer unknown

Last weekend while trying to find my husband I happened to glance out  of the window and saw him lurking behind a tree, gun ( child's air gun ) in hand poised like an assassin. I screeched, who do you think you are, George Clooney? As only the previous evening we had watched said actor ruthlessly killing and maiming in the movie  The American  apparently taken from a novel called A very Quiet Gentlemen...

George moodily rocked up to some remote Italian hill town did press ups, befriended a priest and dropped his trousers as often as possible.
My husband's target was the rat infestation around our duck coup, luckily for them the gun was broken...

So onwards,  autumn has arrived, the trees are dripping with fruit and the mists are rolling in. Beautiful.

We FOLK are busy shooting our online store, moving into our new office in Rye and getting ready for our next collaboration with Leah Fusco, Dogs of Rye.
If you happen to be in the vicinity do join us for tea cake and a glass of damson wine...


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