Sunday, July 21, 2013

Dogs of Rye

Bella and Nick 

Last month we FOLK were delighted to receive an email from Bella and Nick of Walnuts Farm, inviting us to supply some of our products for a pop up shop they have created in their granery to enhance the courses they are running at their small holding in Sussex.
The images I saw were so amazing  I couldn't wait to head over in person to explore.
I was not disapointed, bounding along the track to greet me came their wonderful lurcher Bunny, a perfect muse for Herman who, sadly I had left at home.

Bunny reclines on the sofa

Bella and Nick invited me in for tea and I snooped around getting more and more inspired.
Bella took me on a tour of the garden which was magical with new born lambs, quails and high pleached fruit trees separating the outside rooms (the courses will resume in September).
Here are some photos of our products in the pop up shop Bella has shared with me, but for more of their story go to their web site at

Large line tote bags and apron

Hand carved spoons

Meanwhile back in the gallery Leah Fusco and I were musing over what to exhibit while we are working on our next project W E L D, which is old English for Weald, the part of East Sussex we inhabit. While musing I spotted a wonderful drawing Leah had made of her dog Ellie and Leah came up with the brilliant idea Dogs of Rye ...

Leah will be painting portraits of the handsome hounds and  curious canines that we have spotted in town and the surrounding country side, while I, will be searching for unusual collars and leads to accompany the brilliant old Moroccan lead I got from Leida of Waft and Weft styling.

Herman hunts for rabbits

While Leah is occupied we FOLK will be in Marseille looking for the elusive lobster supper...
Have a lovely summer...


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