Friday, January 11, 2013

Happy New Year

It's Over...

We FOLK have been tearing around with the pick up back of the Land Rover cramned with seasonal wares. We started at the Selvedge sale at Chelsea Town Hall which was amazing and meet some equally amazing people

Looked in at The Monocle sale Marylebone and rushed back to meet up with Ancient Industries UK for the splendour of  the Great Dixter sale,we then joined the celebrations at the St Pauls Steiner project Islington and finished with our annual stint at the Homeworks sale West London.

Back home Leah Fusco and I got on with the pressing task of organising Shipwreck FOLK at homes first house sale. Leah hoped the weather would be wild and she certainly wasn't disapointed. What a tempest. We lit a hurricane lamp positioned it and our shipwreck sign at the end of the track and waited, sustaining ourselves with ale and herring while the wind howled and the storm raged.

The sale has now moved to the more accesible site of Leah's gallery/studio in Rye and we are hoping to stage an ending at a location and date to be revealed as soon as I find out where that beautifull world war 2 decoy ship that was in Rye harbour being restored has disapeared  too !

some cushions we made using the shipwreck images


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