Sunday, October 7, 2012

Don't yer just....

    photograph from Vive Dieppe by pierre Le gall

Don't yer just hate it when this happens, but alas this is one problem I haven't had to worry about this year. As while the rest of my kin folk were sunning themselves at the San Clemente Palace Hotel Venice, I stayed at home to concentrate on getting my online store up and running a task that forever seems to allude me.

         Photographs of Venice taken by eldest son

So now the shadows in the garden are lengthening and there is a distinct hint of Autumn in the air.

Roaming around Rye I came across Leah Fusco's studio and gallery and immediately fell in love with her reportage illustrations depicting the weald landscape. Leah use's ink, gouache and charcoal layer upon layer to create moody misty land/ seascapes, and we are pleased to be able to add some of her limited edition prints posters and postcards to our autumn collection.
So excited did I become that Leah and I are hatching a plan to stage a private sale of her Shipwreck series and a collection of merchandise inspired by the tones and colours of her work here at FOLK HQ

For more information you can contact us on


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