Sunday, July 29, 2012

Desperate Measures

last scene from The Birds Alfred Hitchcock google images

Earlier this month a good friend was visiting FOLK HQ and we took advantage of the sudden break in the deluge to visit the William the Conquerer pub Rye Harbour for a brisk walk and a crab sandwich.
No sooner had I sat down with afore-mentioned feast when, like a scene from the birds, I was engulfed in a flock of squalling gulls, one of whom landed a direct hit on my head, my friend saw this as an indication of good fortune and insisted I purchase a lottery ticket.
Later that day in Hastings and having not purchased a ticket before I was asking the news agent where and how and why....
He informed me the very same thing had happened to a friend of his last week who went on to win £100.00 he then tried to memorise my obviously winning numbers....

On the subject of Cock and Bull, pop up dining club Cock + Bull staged their first event over the Bastille weekend in Stroud look out for more fantastic themed feasts in unusual locations.

We FOLK had a wonderful time at Cottesbrook Plant Fair where I spotted the ultimate wheelbarrow from French company La Mule I exclaimed I have to have it I don't care how much it cost's and stormed over but at £ 580.00  I had to curtail my desire, perhaps I need another lottery ticket...

On a more affordable note our rope hammocks have been selling well they are hand knotted in India by a woman's fairtrade cooperative and the bar is made from the discarded wood from the rubber tree, making it a good ecological product

Rope Hammock £ 50.00 available from our pop up concession in Butlers Emporium, George Street, Hastings or send me an email on


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