Sunday, November 20, 2011

One thing and another

illustration by Lobban from Country Fair magazine 1958

This year what with one thing and another Halloween passed by with out the usual excuse to prance around screaming " I'll get you my pretty and your little dog " to any unsuspecting child with dog or not....
but not so for the residents of Dundonald  Road West London who each year try to out ghoul each other with open house parties and a trophy for the best costumes and set pieces.
The prize this year went to the house sporting this macabre gallows complete with hanging man, one child innocently asked if it was my friends husband, who strangely has been away on business for rather a long time.

The other, for we folk has been the opening of our concession in the brilliant Butlers Emporium Hastings.
Rose the proprietress has kindly agreed to us popping up in the back of her amazing shop sited in what used to be the post office and hardware store in George Street Old Town Hastings. Rose took on the large premises to save it from being gutted and turned into another faceless chain and has managed to retain the lovely old interior complete with rock face wall at the back, tongue and grove ceiling along  with hundreds of old iron hooks and walls covered with tiny drawers each sporting a different door knob.

The shop which is open from 11 to 5 daily gives us the opportunity to have a permanent showcase for some of the lovely things we have gathered together over the year.

Next week end we will be at Great Dixter for their wonderful winter sale and will be pleased to meet up with our friends at Ancient Industries who will be joining us this year.


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