Saturday, September 24, 2011

Le Chateau de Montrioll

Arriving exhausted late at night at the remote slightly gothic facade of Château de Montrioll, and being shown to ones room up a winding stone stairway to the top of the turret, through a huge creaking wooden door into the red flocked passageway, one could be forgiven for mistaking Nicole and Régis de Loture ones hosts for being insane satanists intent on imprisonment and things that defy description...

The turret staircase

Some family heirlooms

Once in your chambre you can take in the eccentricity and beautiful complexity of your surroundings only achievable after a long family history of artifacts passed down through the centuries.

I wonder why this creature looks so happy

Awakening after a good nights sleep and finding the door unlocked you descend the staircase and enter through another huge wooden door into the main chateau where you discover that Madame is actually the most gentile and gracious  hostess who kindly serves you a wonderful breakfast in her incredible dining room.

Returning this trip five years later we found every thing much the same, swallows were nesting in the turret staircase and zoomed past you when the door was opened.

As we were sadly only staying one night and due to an incredible electrical storm we were unable to wander around the equally eccentric gardens with their wire work walkways festooned with gourds and hanging pumpkins


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