Sunday, August 7, 2011

Anticipation Disappointment

Not to be deterred by the hideous weather and the masochistic side of us half enjoying checking the forecast, even though we can clearly see it's raining and freezing, we came up with the brilliant idea of sourcing some local charcoal. There's something optimistic about having a lovely brown paper sack full of gorgeous charcoal lingering by your back door just in case...

We asked Steve Duffy who's lino cut cards we sell to help us design a woodcut for the front of the sack and discovered we are both fans of Clare Leighton and her beautiful book Four Hedges which is illustrated with her engravings and tells the story month by month of her garden in the Chiltern Hills.

Woodcut image from Four Hedges by Clare Leighton published by Little Toller Books

In our search for charcoal we came across Guy Spooner who makes it as a hobby in his woodland, Morning Wood, where he goes to escape. He sets up a tent, has a picnic and makes charcoal. He can turn out a nifty stall with a chainsaw too. If you would like to know more about the long term benefits for woodlands and wild life West Sussex County Council have produced a leaflet explaining the process from tree to finished product, available here.

FOLK at home own brand charcoal £6.50 for 5 kg available soon....


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