Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Summer Solstice

image courtesy of Google images

For this years mid summer sale, we Folk were invited to join some friends of ours Bird in the hand and Christa Davies for a sale at the beautiful Norton Hall in Gloustershire run by the lovely Cas Pollen and Mell Wakeley Wakeleypollen.comAfter a traumatic journey through South East London due to a broken down lorry in the Blackwell tunnel and a snails pace crawl  to the west way, we finally thundered our way on to Gloustershire, only stopping to secure stray items about to be strewn across the motorway from the pick up back of the land rover.

Exhausted we arrived to be greeted by a warm welcome, cold wine and a delicious supper.
That night I spooked my self by reading Welsh fairy stories and myths... ( I need that book )

What a trek, Chipping Campden to London Fields, funny how you see land Rovers with Paris to Dakar, Tibet to Timbuktu,  L was even thinking of purchasing one with a tent on the top, apparently to protect you from lions.  In Hackney!
Later that evening, being shown to my room.Reminiscent of a Peter sellers film L advised me not to be alarmed if I saw a Japanese man peering from the bushes, apparently Haru a Japanese architect lives in the shed in their garden. Arm to arm combat with Haru was not high on my agenda after a very long day.
postcard from a  postcard shop in Brighton


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