Monday, May 30, 2011

The Beast Of Bodmin

photo courtesy of google images

If, like we Folk, you thought the beast of Bodmin was a werewolf, lurking on the moor or at least a strange giant cat like creature pouncing on lambs or anything else it can get it's teeth into, we at FOLK at home can now reveal the truth, it's actually, a cornish pasty.

 This beast pictured below was served to us in Bodmin on route home from our yearly sojourn at Cape Cornwall. It's thick crust of stomach bloating pastry contained some kind of animal gizzard, an altogether unfortunate incident.


This year we rented a cottage in Sennen Cove the wind howled the ocean roared and we spoke to George Payne of the Smock Shop St Ives to see if he would make us some anchor rope key- rings. He wasn't keen.


He invited us to visit him in his shed/workshop, it was amazing crammed with fantastic things, a huge front fender he's working on for a ferry in Dartmouth, great rope-work crosses and beautiful scallop shells with tiny crosses in the middle as christening gifts.

George at the door of his shed

The ancient pagan symbol for the sea and love

 Front fender for ferry in Dartmouth


The elusive anchor

Love the mermaid hanging from the ceiling

We managed to get some more coir fenders and these wonderful crosses one quite huge and the other perfect key ring size... 

fenders make great door stops

circumference 45"  height 15"

Large decorative cross 12" by 8"

Key ring 3" by 2.5 "

Christening scallop made to order

All George's rope-work and lot's more of our favorite things will soon be available on our online store.

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