Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Journey into the unknown

While the rest of East Sussex was basking in brilliant sunshine and the hottest day of the year so far, I drove through increasingly thickening fog to Dungeness for a meeting with the lighthouse tailor. as I approached the fog got thicker and thicker,colder and colder, eerie and eerie, I thought what a strange charm this place has designated a desert I mused on the words "never abandon the car " and suddenly had a craving for a pint of prawns and a flagon of ale at the pilot inn.

I found said tailor shivering in the lighthouse cottage...then he got down to the task of finishing the aprons ready for the Selvage sale. They looked delightful made from Ulster Linen and darted at the front more of an over dress then an apron far to beautiful to cover in old food...

p.s. Spring has finally arrived so have our spring T towels available from ancient Industries US and UK , Persephone books and of course we Folk.

See you at the Selvedge fair.



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