Sunday, February 27, 2011

up with the larks

Image courtesy google images

My youngest son tricked me out of bed early this yucky Monday morn which also happened to be St Valentines day informing me there were two cards awaiting me on the breakfast table.
I thought this unlikely as I had been unreasonably grumpy, nevertheless vanity overcame me and I dashed to the kitchen to receive my tributes, but none awaited me...

I on the other hand had decided to use my woodcarving skills and scratch  G P   L   A C  on a heart shaped log my aforementioned son had found in our log pile.  I wondered how long it would take A C to notice.

At the other end of the woodcarving spectrum you will find Mark Sidders, who as a woods craftsmen harvests local coppice's using traditional tools. Mark works with the special quality's of each species of tree producing a range of hand carved products.  We at Folk at home are lucky enough to stock his carved spoons, mainly made from Sycamore a wood traditionally used for milk pails as it imparts no flavour to the milk.

Image courtesy Mark Sidders

All Marks products are carbon positive as the coppice stool is  left to regrow as it has done for generations before, and any unused branches are put aside to create habitat piles rather than burnt. Mark truly loves his environment and is soon to be starting a woodland diary chronicling the natural rhythms within a traditional coppice wood. Hand carved spoons from £15 .00  each for more info email us on

Image courtesy of Mark Sidders

We Folk will be at the selvedge spring fair on April 2nd.


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