Saturday, October 9, 2010

Sheep is one thing but Hefers is another

Huge great lumbering brown things appeared in the field that surrounds Folk HQ...
I'm terrified of them. As the farmer unloaded another trailer full I screeched ' excuse me are those creatures bulls? are they dangerous? Slightly bemused he informed me  they were heifers and would only stampede if Herman decided to do do a little bull baiting.

Oh well as Claudia so cleverly put it "at least their not black and white brown is so much more Folk."

I love it when the seasons change. Autumn has arrived and it's all misty and moody here at Folk HQ where we have been busy shooting photos for the Web shop with good friend Nazarin Montag I found this poem in an old copy of Country Fair.

 Autumn the gypsy flamboyant girl
danced through the wood with flounce and whirl
red skirts a flying pale check's a fire
dark with mysterious charm and desire
autumn the gypsy child wild as hare
fierce as kestrel afloat the air
lit pillars of fire as she touched with lips
the berries of rowan and holly and hips
but only the the moon and dusk and dawn
know from what magic her dance is born

Extract from the Gypsy Noel Brett young
Bobble hat from a selection FOLK at home


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