Saturday, August 14, 2010

Tricked again...

photograph from Lartigue's Riviera  
published by Flammarion

I was convinced that the " Heat-wave " was just the beginning of a long and glorious summer, so I  continued to move rubble and generally toil at FOLK HQ .

Finally enough was enough so we headed off down to the beach for a bit of sun and surf just in time for the first downpour...

Solace was to be found in Karen Wilkes weather T Towells beautifully printed on linen and full of strange weather facts relating to Summer.
Horror in the thought ' The latest recorded snow and sleet showers (recorded in Buxton, Derbyshire on June 2nd 1975).'
and hope in 'Most sunshine hours in one month | 383.9 hours (recorded in Eastbourne and Hastings July 1911).

She has also designed a set of four letterpress printed  weather related postcards.

Limited edition T towells and cards available from FOLK at home

T Towells £ 12.00 each
Cards        £   2.00 each

If you are interested in any items on my blog please email me

On-line shop getting closer.


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