Saturday, July 3, 2010


Who can blame them

FOLK HQ  is almost ready for habitation and one mans idea of beauty is an others eyesore

Any-way due to the fact that we couldn't move in,  our telephone and broadband had been disconnected and it was half term we decided to de-camp down to Cornwall and were lucky enough to be able to stay at friends of ours interestingly primitive campsite Bodrifty.

Bodrifty is located between Penzance and St Ives up on the moor land and consists of a camp site with field kitchen, various interesting caravans and most interestingly a complete Iron Age roundhouse.

Herman ( the Lurcher ), was in heaven and looked positively mystical bounding around in the eerie sea shanty mist.

The Round House

Take a bath at Bodrifty

The field kitchen

While we were there I managed to track down George Payne who as a member of the international guild of Knot tiers promotes the development of practical and decorative rope work and hand ties these amazing coconut twine spheres originally used as buoy's which I use as door stops. He also gave me this sweet little rope key ring which he was tying as we were talking. I love it...

Rope spheres and key rings available at Folk at home please contact me for price and availability.
Webb shop and brochure coming soon - ish !


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