Wednesday, January 20, 2010


We seem to be snowed in, this must be the longest christmas holiday ever..........

It's freezing in our rented cottage and I forgot to get coal, so we set off on the three mile hike to town thinking we could drag the coal back on the sleigh. There was something Edmund Hilary-esque about the whole affair and also gave us the chance to layer on tons of knitwear < mostly felted > all was going well till we came to this electric fence..... We then went back for the land rover. Much more sensible.

Later in front of a roaring fire I got down to the task of sourcing more sock yarn as all the socks had sold. The mill in shetland I had been using had phased out there DK so I wanted to find someone else interesting. I came across a great place in Killcarra Ireland selling Donegal tweed, a little to thick for my sock pattern but beautiful colours. I ended up ordering some from The Lanark Mill in Scotland who produce their yarn in the traditional way.

Then task completed I spent the rest of the evening darning old hunting socks. SOooo time consuming but I just can't stop...

PS Once I darn them I felt them !  They make fantastic xmas stockings....

Hand Knitted Hunting Socks one size 6-11 
Available from Folk at home at £45.00 a pair

Colours as shown below

  1. Natural Black
  2. Gritstone
  3. Pebble
  4. Limestone
  5. Cherry
  6. Damson
  7. Forrest
  8. Russet
  9. Ochre


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