Wednesday, January 20, 2010


We seem to be snowed in, this must be the longest christmas holiday ever..........

It's freezing in our rented cottage and I forgot to get coal, so we set off on the three mile hike to town thinking we could drag the coal back on the sleigh. There was something Edmund Hilary-esque about the whole affair and also gave us the chance to layer on tons of knitwear < mostly felted > all was going well till we came to this electric fence..... We then went back for the land rover. Much more sensible.

Later in front of a roaring fire I got down to the task of sourcing more sock yarn as all the socks had sold. The mill in shetland I had been using had phased out there DK so I wanted to find someone else interesting. I came across a great place in Killcarra Ireland selling Donegal tweed, a little to thick for my sock pattern but beautiful colours. I ended up ordering some from The Lanark Mill in Scotland who produce their yarn in the traditional way.

Then task completed I spent the rest of the evening darning old hunting socks. SOooo time consuming but I just can't stop...

PS Once I darn them I felt them !  They make fantastic xmas stockings....

Hand Knitted Hunting Socks one size 6-11 
Available from Folk at home at £45.00 a pair

Colours as shown below

  1. Natural Black
  2. Gritstone
  3. Pebble
  4. Limestone
  5. Cherry
  6. Damson
  7. Forrest
  8. Russet
  9. Ochre


Anna said...

I love the socks and was also wondering how I could hold of another pair of your felted fingerless gloves. John has a pair and I don't. Something that grieves me alot. Anna

Anna said...

I love your socks and was wondering if I can still get hold of some of your felted fingerless gloves. My husband John has a pair and I don't. Something that grieves me. Anna

Dave & Annemarie said...

Hi Gina
Lovely page - stylish & tasteful like yourself. Good to hear you're out of socks- must be the cold winter - perfect for you. Now Andrews a country-gent of leisure you can set him to work knitting. I read it keeps Altzhiemers at bay but it's too late for you!

Wedding went well - will post some pics
speak soon

Love Dave & Annemarie

plaxy locatelli said...

Can we have some pictures of our mad adventure in Morocco? Lets not forget the attempted child snatch, The drinks being thrown, someone arriving without a penny, and you dressing like an extra from 'Out of Africa' with your white linens and parasol....

Anonymous said...

More please Gina! P.x

Anonymous said...

This all looks rather unseasonal. Time to get knitting those bikinis...the sort that are itchy & go saggy & hang off when wet are ideal. Can I order a rainbow coloured one for Annemarie, please? Price is no object - nothing's too good for my girl.



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